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Randy Hinerman

Randy Hinerman

Randy died after surgery in Las Vegas, Nevada on Dec 31, 2015. His viewing and grave side Funeral will be on January 8, 2016  at 2:00 pm at Larkin mortuary located on 10600 South and 1950 East.

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Jeff Chivers

A few recent classmate posts about Randy from the Message Forum on the South High Class of 1970 website


My prayers certainly go up for Randy, that he may be in peace and comfort as he moves on from this life, as well as comfort for his family at this time.  I remember him always friendly and it was sad to see him not doing so well at the past reunion.

Candida Bettinson Jensen

 *  *  *  *  *

Randy was a simple fellow who seemed to avoid judgment.  I hope I get to see him again and give him a big hug for always being happy to see me. I commented recently that Randy seemed to be composed growing up but decided to be kid when he grew up. I loved his motorcycle!

Randy and I were not that close throughout our lives but every memory I have of him is very positive.  He seemed to have a smile and a friendly gesture whenever we ran into each other . . .

Hug your loved ones every day because you may not get another chance.  At least Randy has given us some time to say good-by.  With some we never get that chance.

May you all find peace and love in all of your relationships. I just hope that when I grow up I will be just like Randy.

Dale Charlie Salazar

*  *  *  *  *

I want to reach out to Randy too. I realize he will probably never read my comment but because of the way our Spiritual Creator has each of us linked together forever, I want to do more than just think good thoughts about Randy, and send blessings and love to another brother.

The easiest thing we can ever do is to die and return to our natural home . . . it's the daily living that's hard. Each of us in our own way just want to hear four simple words when we're done - and they are: WELL DONE MY SON (DAUGHTER).

Bless you Randy, with a sure knowledge that all is well with you.

Richard B. Smith

*  *  *  *  *

For those who attended the last reunion, Randy displayed an example of a joyful demeanor and positive attitude despite his pain and weakened condition due to chemotherapy and radiation treatments he was enduring at the time. 

My last conversation with Randy was when he returned my phone call the day before his surgery.  Although I’m sure he was nervous, his main focus seemed to be to assuage my worries with his joyful, optimistic manner.

As with all of our departed classmates, we will sorely miss Randy.  Our thoughts and prayers of comfort are extended to his family.

Jeff Chivers

*  *  *  *  *

One of my fondest memories of Randy was in Junior High at Glendale. 

Often times we would have "dances" during gym period.  The boys and girls gym classes would meet at the door between the two gyms and you would have to dance with whomever walked through the door, at least for the first dance.  It seems that no matter who I was initially paired up with, I asked that they switch with Randy.  You see, not only was he good lookin', he was taller than I and an especially good dancer for just being in Junior High, and very gracious when he ended up with me! 

Wish I would have been at the reunion and talked to him about that memory . . .

Rest in Peace Randy; the world was a better place with you in it, a little worse without you - and heaven's just a bit better because you're there.

Sue Kelson Butcher

* * * * * * * *

Thinking of Randy all day long and he is in my thoughts and prayers on this evening of the day of his memorial,  Randy and I hooked up for a moment in time after we connected at the 15th year reunion for about a year.  

He was passionate about his business in heating and air conditioning, truly committed to providing the highest level of customer service and he loved his adventures.  Golf was his recreation along with boating and biking.  I loved his spirit!  He was very nurturing and tender. Full of romantic surprises . . .

I can reveal this now, Randy.  I know you would rather be known for your ruggedness. Randy you were so strong and sensitive at the same time.  I will always have a piece of you in my heart.  May you rest in peace now and forever.  Thank you always for our precious moment of memories! 

Kathy Kyriopoulos (Colemere)

*  *  *  *  *

Randy was a gentle soul!  All the guys that meet in St George for golf were fortunate to have Randy join us for probably the last 8 to 10 years.  He was quiet but very intelligent, accomplished, funny and wise beyond his years.  For all of you who knew Randy you probably are aware of the story about the Shelby.  He was a thinker and quietly did things his way.  He was way ahead of many of us!  

Scott Seare, Dave Hendricks and I were fortunate to play with Randy at the South High 45th reunion scramble golf tournament in August and we had a ball.  We were all happy when our team won, but I will never forget the smile on Randy's face. He was thrilled!  

Randy was a joy to play golf with and to just be around in general. One never knew what he was going to do, say or come up with. An excellent poker player as well.  He did not talk much about himself but I was amazed at some of the things and activities he did in his life when he allowed us to know.  

Randy was very courageous and spoke freely and frankly about his cancer and his odds and that he was going to go for it with the surgery.  I hope many of you spoke to him at the reunion because he was a very unique and special person.  He was loved and he loved!  

I will think about him often, and will miss seeing him and playing golf with him is St George.  We were blessed to know Randy!!

Gary K. Morley

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