To be a "Southerner"

This is an exert from pg. 188 of the Southerner '70 yearbook by Editor Charlotte Warr:

"But still, the picture was printed

with a building and halls and rooms

and windows

to look out at the world

I was being kept from,

and desks and chairs and chalkboards

and the picture was labeled South, which is a good name to be labeled with.

And people, teachers, students, administrators

all tagged Southerners.

Also a good title.

I must say, with all absence of hypocrisy,

I am proud to be a Southerner.

I cherish my memories of South.

I will never be ashamed of it.

School, high school that is,

exists now,

but is fast becoming a was.

School WAS fun.

School WAS horrible.

Etc., etc., etc."