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03/23/21 05:55 PM #4500    


Richard H Blair

One and done.

03/23/21 07:37 PM #4501    


Jerald DeGraw

None and done :-)

03/23/21 11:37 PM #4502    


Paul Michelsen

Two and done. 

See ya at the reunion.

03/26/21 01:17 AM #4503    


Paul Michelsen


03/27/21 05:15 PM #4504    


Richard B Smith

I got 2 and it really wasn't much. Arm a little sore next day but I think I worried for nothing. Isn't it usually that way, lol.
Thanks for all your comments.

03/28/21 03:43 PM #4505    


Charlotte Warr (Andersen)

03/28/21 04:48 PM #4506    


Candida Bettinson (Jensen)

I got my 1st Pfizer last week.  My doctor insisted I NOT wait my 90 days post-COVID, but then warned me the side effects would likely be more pronouced. Not much of a sore ar, BUT pretty wide 2nd day!  I felt better the next morning (3rd day)and thought it was thankfully past.  However 3rd day afternoon the symptoms returned!  So I dealt with another 10 hours of fever, chills, body aches, and nasty headache.  Then done.  Kind of weird...and I am not looking forward to my 2nd shot mid April. indecision


03/28/21 11:07 PM #4507    


Paul Michelsen

"It's like Deja Vu all over again" Yogi Berra 

03/29/21 09:33 AM #4508    


Dale Charlie Salazar

A brief note to share the passing of our classmate Phyllis Bueno.  A fast moving cancer took her quick. Phyllis is the tall blond next to me in this Circle Crowd photo from the 45th reunion.



03/30/21 09:11 AM #4509    


Neil Roberts

Extremely sad to hear about Phyllis Bueno's passing. I was just chatting with her a few weeks ago. Truly a sweet soul that I will miss. Can't say I knew her very well in school, but she had become a friend recently. I will certainly miss her uplifting conversations. 

03/30/21 09:53 AM #4510    


Richard H Blair

Sorry about Phyllis, she grew up in the neighborhood used to hang out at Chubbys drinking coffee playing pin ball, too many years ago. Sad another one lost, numbers are starting to get thin.

03/31/21 02:32 AM #4511    


Richard B Smith

A favorite performer.

03/31/21 04:17 PM #4512    


Richard B Smith

This thing called life is so strange and peculiar, good appears bad, bad is disguised as good, what appears to be up is really down. Phyllis Bueno's passing so quickly reinforces the importance of living and loving in the now. I'm saddened but also joyful of Phyllis's passing. As with others, the continued contact with our high school classmates, through gives us a special opportunity to create new and build on old relationships. Im glad her suffering has ended but will miss a friend.

04/01/21 06:57 PM #4513    


Richard B Smith

Bob Dean was a retired military carreer officer, he had achieved a significantly high security clearance and after retiring he began revealing everything he could because he believed the citizens had a right to know were their money was going. It wasn't a surprise but still unfortunate that he mysteriously died last year, but not before revealing an incredible wealth of information about the moon, mars, and our secret space fleet. Retired command sergeant major Bod Dean spent more than 40 years researching ufo phenomena.

04/02/21 10:12 PM #4514    


Paul Michelsen


I have seen three UFOs. in my lifetime.

One so close I could hit it with a baseball.

The one thing they all had in common is they did not make any noise at all.



04/02/21 10:52 PM #4515    


Richard B Smith

Paul, Thats the advantage of of not being made locally, superior craftsmanship and intellect.

04/03/21 02:34 AM #4516    


Paul Michelsen

It sure is !

04/05/21 03:27 AM #4517    


Richard B Smith

How many other secrets do you think they have? Can you even wrap your mind around just how fast this is?

04/05/21 11:08 AM #4518    


Paul Michelsen

Looks like a Days of 47 Float Frame to me. Maybe Rose Prade.

04/05/21 01:34 PM #4519    


Tony Divino

Richard, for some reason I get this message whenever I click onto one of the video's that you upload! An error occurred. Please try again later. (Playback ID: HxBzMI8pTzPbg1f1) 
Learn More

Why is that? My computer too old?

04/07/21 04:20 PM #4520    


Richard B Smith

Hi Tony, I'll check it out. Often YouTube will take stuff down that reveal too much.

I just tried each of the last 4 videos including one I didn't upload and they all worked for me. Go back and try to run each one and let me know which one fails.

04/08/21 12:25 AM #4521    


Paul Michelsen

I searched Youtube for the error message...

Try this one.




04/08/21 12:32 AM #4522    


Paul Michelsen

See ya at the reunion

04/09/21 08:40 PM #4523    


Richard B Smith

Here are some answers to questions you've wanted to ask.

Here's some answers to the questions you

04/10/21 11:40 PM #4524    


Richard B Smith

I'm not sure about their claim, my dog's house is bigger and I don't have a dog.

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