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05/15/24 12:58 AM #6066    


Paul Michelsen


05/16/24 09:47 AM #6067    


Charlotte Warr (Andersen)



05/17/24 10:55 PM #6068    


Paul Michelsen


05/19/24 01:22 AM #6069    


Paul Michelsen

05/19/24 10:04 AM #6070    


Charlotte Warr (Andersen)

05/21/24 10:17 AM #6071    


Charlotte Warr (Andersen)

05/21/24 07:50 PM #6072    


Charlotte Warr (Andersen)

This'll make you cringe!

05/24/24 12:25 AM #6073    


Paul Michelsen

05/27/24 08:05 AM #6074    


Richard H Blair

Sad to see Wells Ward burn down had a lot of memories there.

05/27/24 10:38 AM #6075    


Charlotte Warr (Andersen)

05/27/24 09:03 PM #6076    

Roger Watters

I have only posted on this message forum once before. Not to say that I don't read what others post.

It's alarming to me what is posted here.  Is that all you have to do?  Not that I don't like music but perhaps we should discuss what is important and going on in the world. And in our own government.  And I am not talking about political parties.

Let's start with the basics,  By the People   Of the People and For the People!   Anyone see that happening in Washington?  I watch what is happening in our country and with the inflation the problems at the southern border squatters taking over private homes, homelessness people living on the streets,  and dying of drug abuse.  And unfortunatly these are just a start of the problems in the US.  

I call what is happening in the US "Insanity"  I am a US citizen I still have my house in Southern Utah I did believe that I could make a differance with my vote .  I have come to doubht that in recent years.  Still i care and want something better for our country.  Don't know how to make that happen.

I have shut down my southern Utah home and moved To my home in Hua Hin Thailand to watch the insanity from a distance.  I have told my 3  children   if they want to come to live ne ar me I will buy each of them a home here. And one has already taken the offer and living a few miles from me my other daughter has sold her home  and will be here in a month to pick out her house. 

I will watch  and enjoy living at a slower pace. My days of working 60 hours a week are over. And I have wanted to write a book for several years finally I have the time and have started.

We the class of 1970 are old but not too old to notice what is happeng in our country and speak out . At least try to make a differance .  Stand up and say Represent the people or get out of government.

If any one really want to communicate with me it's 

05/28/24 08:52 AM #6077    


Darlene Webster (Joneson)

Roger, if you are still reading these posts, I couldn't agree with you more!

There must be something us Cubs can do with our lives besides post music.  Sometimes I think that some posters should just get their personal email connection.  I rarely read the posts because its' always the same people posting the same thing.

Surely, we have more to offer this community.  We are Cubs!  What has happened to us??

05/28/24 08:56 AM #6078    


Darlene Webster (Joneson)

Richard Blair, your post also saddened me.  I, too, have many happy memories at the Wells Ward.

Do you know what happened?  How did it burn?  Accident or human started?


05/28/24 06:38 PM #6079    


Ken Hollen

Good point, Roger and Darlene.  We grew up with campus protests and cops beating students and the National Guard shooting students over protest to the senseless Vietnam War.  The only thing posted here are posts of no content.  America has not learn much from when we were at South.  Senseless wars that sacrifice our soldiers for nothing.  Blind obedience to sending bombs to perpetuate a massacre.  Presidential canadates of little to no character value. But, hey.  Let's not talk about it.  Someone's sensitivities might get hurt and burst their bubble.  Free Palestine.  

05/28/24 07:49 PM #6080    


Charlotte Warr (Andersen)

Okay, I will admit to feeling quite pissed off at the moment.

I have been trying for years to get people engaged with this forum. I rarely get any responses. Paul and I are the only ones who are doing anything with this. If not the site would have shut down from nothingness. I have posted other things besides music (though music is pretty safe). But they mostly get ignored. I lead a boring life. Would you like me to post pictures of my daily meals. Or how about the fascinating world of quilting - I could tell you a lot about that. I could brag about my kids (but, maybe not one of four).

As for politics and world news, I could certainly post about my view points. But I know that how I feel would only create arguments and clashes compared with how most of you feel. Do I want to argue with you people? No. I have enough agravation in my life. Sitting down and watching or reading the news makes me feel like humanity is doomed. Do you want me to write about that?

So, I think it is just really choice that a few of you are suddenly complaining about the content of this forum when you have been mostly silent for years.

Roger, you are so fortunate that you didn't have to stick it out here in the states. You are wealthy enough that you can move to Thailand and buy your kids houses there as well. However, I think you lost your right to complain about what's going on in the USA when you moved.

Darlene, I'm waiting for you to post something you think matters other than a complaint about what we music lovers are posting. If you don't like the music videos don't watch them. (I'm pretty sure you don't anyway. So apologies on wasting the few seconds you waste by clicking on the emails.)

Ken, feel free to let loose with the content. (Yes, free Palestine.)

You three can take over for the forum. 

One last video from me:



05/28/24 11:12 PM #6081    

Roger Watters


Please don't leave .  Your Feelings and views are as valuable as any of ours.  And don't  be pissed.  I just wanted to talk about how I see what is happening and if you see things differently please tell me. I always leave a space to be wrong and if I am I want to know.




05/29/24 12:12 AM #6082    

Roger Watters

First  I am not rich.  I started a business 40 years ago . worked 60 or 70 hours a week at a considerable cost,  everything in life has a cost.  The cost of being away from home and working was 3 divorces. Now I get the return on that expense. Maybe in reality you are wealthier than I am. And I have had everything  cabins in the mountains  traveled the world ,Airplanes fast cars. At one point I moved away from SLC and my children.

Thank God I must have done  right, When they turned 18 they followed me.  Now I am investing in my Daughters and grand children. I have learnes a few things through life .  first I am happier and more blessed when I give than when I receive. When I give something away I am always the winner I receive much more than I give .  Things that money can not buy.

And just so all of you know I didn't give up any rights I will fly back to the US to vote. A right as a US citizen

And to check on my home there.  I'm just on Vacation I don't think taking a vacation for a few monts or yeas is grounds for loosing my rights as a citizen.

And I like it here, beautiful country and nice polite people. And also I still wear jeans and a tee shirt Because I don't care about who is or is not impressed. Those of you that knew me at south high know I came from an extreemly poor family and for years I felt the need to be wealthy 

Now I know the cost of that goal was too high.


05/29/24 12:47 AM #6083    


Paul Michelsen

05/29/24 09:28 AM #6084    


Darlene Webster (Joneson)

Charlotte, I did not intend to "piss you off"!  I'm simply saying the same thing you are...why is it that no one else posts?  (I remember sitting at the same table as you at our 51st reunion and you were quite interesting!  I enjoyed visiting with you!)

We must have something to say; we've lived a lot years to not have anything to share with our other Cubs.

Living in California, I like to read this Message Forum to stay in touch with the happenings of Salt Lake.  I miss my hometown.

Recently posted was a simple comment about the Wells Ward burning down.  I really would like to know what happened; this was my ward.

Come on Cubs, let's show our pride in our community!  We can all help out Charlotte.

This is our website, let's keep it healthy and vibrant,


05/29/24 10:10 AM #6085    


Charlotte Warr (Andersen)

Okay, Not quite so pissed this morning.

If you would like my opinion on Wells Ward, it was most likely arson. The building was slated for demolition and the LDS Church had released it. They say it was damaged in the earthquake we had a few years back. Someone was trying to find the funding to retrofit it and was challenging the demolition because it was an historic building. But someone wanted it gone. It's not the first building in Salt Lake to go down to fire just before someone had to pay for demolition.

This is another one that will have you scratching your head:,process%20to%20obtain%20one%20needed

The owner suceeded in having a huge portion of this church demolished. But now he has to rebuild what he tore down?

05/29/24 10:30 AM #6086    


Charlotte Warr (Andersen)

Roger, I am definitely not wealthful. I live in a small, humble house that needs lots of work on the west edge of Taylorsville (almost to Kearns). I have an adult son that lives in my basement. I have never owned a new car, mine have all been used and then used well. I have never owned a cabin in the mountains and have taken few vacations. I have been to many places in the world, but that was because people were paying my way to go there and teach my quilting techniques. I have won a couple of trips to New York City and Denmark from entering and winning in quilt contests. But I am retiring from being a quilt teacher as of the end of this year.

I will keep my part-time substitute job at the county libraries since my latest used car still needs to be paid off. But I am not unhappy with my life and mostly feel content with what I have got. (Until one of my quilting acquaintences puts up a photo of their roomy, luxurious quilting studio on Facebook and the green-eyed monster pops up.) I have figured out that money does not buy happiness.

So, if you are able to keep up multiple homes, fly wherever you want, etc., I would say you are pretty well off. But if you are flying to the US just to vote for DJT, please stay in Thailand. There, I said it.

05/29/24 11:51 AM #6087    


Lynn Fikstad (Fikstad)

I get email updates, but I rarely link to the South High site. Roger's post was different, so I logged in.

Music posts are fine with me, and there is good reason to believe music went downhill after our generation. I am a fan of our Western heritage, and not just for the music. I'm sure some will immediately recognize this Bach piece. Will the Beatles be remembered 400 years from now? Maybe, but I wouldn't bet on it. Don't get me wrong, the Beatles were amazing. It is possilbe that history will not be so kind to us and those who followed. I'm not close to leaving the country though, but I could move to another city or state.

05/29/24 02:42 PM #6088    


Ken Hollen

There is a difference between social content and political content.  I'm sure all of us know the difference.  I'm sure that there are those that like the music videos and the reminders of a different time.  I might have listened to one or two.  The video are great.  Charolette, you bring both content and video, thank you.  I'll try to get better at posting videos.  

05/29/24 04:33 PM #6089    


Ken Hollen

Just an observation.  I find it amazing that we can find so much information on the internet.  Certainly the pundit takes.  But, I'm talking about the ability to get closer to the truths.  Released correspondence from before we were born.  Clearer pictures of our history.  Science.   You name it. You can find most of it.  Looking at decade old correspondence newly released, but some portion still withheld.  In all, it does paint a different picture of our past from what we thought reality was.  What we were taught in school years ago doesn't seem to jive with what really happened.  Certainly we have the choice of continuing our misconceptions.  Or, looking for a better understanding.  

Years ago, in school.  We made changes and push forward a different, holistic view point than our parents.  Lol  remember when demin pants were not allowed.  Or pants on the ladies.  We all shared in a change.  What happen?  Here we are today with not a lot of significant social change.  It seems we took our eye off the ball to the point that the positive wasn't reinforced to effect real change.  The 60s had it's turmoil, but it doesn't seem as bad as it has become today.  Any thoughts?


05/29/24 05:22 PM #6090    


Paul Michelsen



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