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Yes! Attending Reunion
Residing In: Salt Lake City, UT USA
Spouse/Partner: widow
Occupation: Property Management
Children: Absolutely love kids but I never had any.

I've traveled, been married once and divorced. I've been working for several years with Thompson Michie Associates a local property mangement and real estate company.
I had an absolutely glorious relationship for 13 yrs with a wonderful guy by the name of Mike Lynch. He was employed with the SL County sherriff's dept. and served with the US Army and was my true soulmate. He had Harley Davidson bikes which became my life for the past 13 yrs. So much fun! Mike passed away in 2008 from a heart attack. Needless to say my life has been empty and very painful. Life is getting a little better. I have a beautiful home to take care of and I enjoy writing to my classmates from years ago. There is a certain comfort hearing about their lives. Work has been my saving grace. I love my job!

School Story:

All I remember about highschool is my sweet friends that took me under their wing and made my life much more pleasant. I will be forever grateful! If I remember I was kind of shy but everyone was really nice to me. Dixine Hoyt and the twins Julia and Juliette Burns were my survival pals! If not for them who knows which direction I would have gone. I remember accapella, seminary and football games. Dixine and the rest of the cheerleaders and song dancers use to let me hang out with them. Oh and lets not forget Miss Kaplan the biology teacher! Loved her. My highschool crush was "Rod Galer" Can't find him anywhere now. Oh well. I think the toughest time was the final Lagoon day when we were seniors. We all knew that was the final chapter of highschool days!

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I remember you! So sweet to me always. We chummed around just a little while. Glendale area I think? My memory always reminds me of the nice people and you were definitely one of them.

Sep 12, 2015 at 12:15 PM

Thanks for the birthday wishes! I made it to age 64!

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Happy Birthday Ross. Hope that you are enjoying life with cute Dixine and your adorable family! Life is short so live it up as much as you can!

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Summer "2009"
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Awe...sweet 16! Ugh...age56!
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Mike and me Our last cruise to Mexico "2008" one week before my sweetheart passed away.