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04/18/18 12:37 PM #3611    

Dale Charlie Salazar

Yes, in the short time I lived in Nashville, Tennessee as a teenager the group I fell in with were the "Rat Finks."  I lost my finks ring a few years ago but I did wear the color, even if only for a short time.  When I got back to Salt Lake their werer no Finks.

04/30/18 09:06 AM #3612    


Charlotte Warr (Andersen)

05/01/18 02:54 PM #3613    

Paul Mickelson

$20 Bucks?


05/04/18 09:40 PM #3614    


Gary Bell

Hey Jerry, I remember your malibu, What ever Happened to It???? I have a 70 chevelle SS I've had for about 20 years, just can't find the time to put in back to togeather. Maybe now that we sold the 18 units apt. rentals I can find some time!!  heres to wishing!!!                            Gary 

05/05/18 11:11 AM #3615    


Charlotte Warr (Andersen)

05/07/18 12:18 PM #3616    


Sherrie Youngberg (Bingham)

A big thank you to Jeff Chivers for helping us navigate the Medicare transition from employment to retirement.  My husband, Lou, and I are Impressed with his efforts and personal interest in our case. It is so helpful to have a trusted and informed professional looking out for our best interests.  We would highly recommend him to all seniors. Thanks again Jeff!

05/11/18 06:48 AM #3617    

Ernest "Buzz" Fontana

A big shout out to Jeff Chivers! Had a wonderful visit with him the other day. The man is brilliant. 100% helpful. I hope everyone that needs help will give him a shot. It's well worth it. Thank You Jeff! Now who do I talk to about a golf lesson......Buck are you there? Scott, I know you are laughing. Oh Well. GIVE JEFF A CALL!


05/12/18 11:08 AM #3618    


Julie Wickham (Sawyer)

I also would like to thank Jeff Chivers for his vast knowledge of the system. I don't know how we would ever have made it through the retirement process without him, 

05/12/18 01:58 PM #3619    


Carolyn Burnett (Taylor)

I've worked with Jeff for 2 years. The 1st  year we went into depth on my needs and the 2nd year we just reviewed my changes over the phone. I am pretty shy, and he was very easy to talk to. I highly recommend Jeff Chivers to help you choose the right plan and company that  will meet your needs. 

05/12/18 10:10 PM #3620    


Jeff Chivers

Gosh Carolyn, Julie, Buzz & Sherrie, thanks so much for your kind words. 

Despite your expressions of gratitude, I honestly believe I'm the one who has benefited most from our associations; having the unique opportunity of renewing cherished relationships and developing close bonds with so many of my former classmates. 

Looking forward to continued friendships!!

05/13/18 02:11 PM #3621    


Frederik Dissel

Happy Mothers Day . Also, just adding a "shout-out" to Jeff Chivers and I agree with his comment in that it was fun to reconnect with him after these almost 48 years--where has the time gone. Hello to all. I'm wishing each of you every good thing.


05/13/18 04:55 PM #3622    


Charlotte Warr (Andersen)

I see that Verdie Stone was added to "In Memory" today. I had to look up to see what I could find but there wasn't much.

Apparently it was quite sometime ago that he died. He had such a beautiful, interesting face. I sat next to him in art class and I had a minor crush on him.

05/14/18 10:12 AM #3623    

Dale Charlie Salazar

I'm sad to hear about Verdi.  We talked several times in High School and did have some in common, mostly our Apache history.  The difference was Verdi was raised on the reservation and was close to the Native culture.   My family had been in the cities since the 1850s so our awareness of the tradition had been lost.  Aside from that Verdi and I were very different.  He was quiet, well mannered and a very nice guy.  I was all over the map looking for the next party or the next good joke.  He was a high quality man with grace and dignity.

05/14/18 11:48 PM #3624    


Jerald DeGraw

Loving all comments...Some are returning (YAY)...Gary, sold My Malibu to...Hmm...I'm the President of Class of '71, I will come to time...Mr....Hmm ( auto shop teacher ["You Bird"] and I turned it from a 4 speed to an 8 speed, and a 2 barrel carb to a 3 barrel (yes, Holley came up with a 3 barrel :-)....probably shoudn't have let that car go...


05/15/18 09:11 AM #3625    


Charlotte Warr (Andersen)



05/15/18 09:38 AM #3626    

Paul Mickelson

The Good Old Days:


05/16/18 12:04 PM #3627    

Dale Charlie Salazar

Good morning Cubs.  I too want to shout out to Jeff Chivers.  His expertise in Medicare has brought us together in conversations about my clients.

I've been with Ameriprise Financial for 25 years December of this year, originally American Express Financial Advisors.  I selected my firm because of the attitude:  Serve, Serve, Serve.  The slower, consultative approach has been helpful for me as I feel the need to be a service provider.  

I invite you to check me out:

Linked in:


I was reassured earlier this year when Pres Miller stepped up to help my client with his expertise in real estate.  He did it for free despite my best efforts to compensate him.  He did say he might let me take him to lunch.

A few things I'm proud of:  I have one of the cleanest compliance records in my company.  This is high priority for me.  I've also been awarded a 100% client satisfaction survey score from my clients.  This means I'm there.  At present I have no intention to retire anytime soon.

Dale Chuck Salazar, CRPC






Legacy Private Wealth Advisors

A Private Wealth advisor practice of Ameriprise Financial  Services, Inc.

438 E 200 S Suite 354

Salt Lake City, UT 84111


Thank you for your time and please feel free to reach out to me.  I'll be there.


05/19/18 01:19 PM #3628    


Charlotte Warr (Andersen)

05/20/18 05:43 PM #3629    


Preston Miller

This “fits with the South high football team and even the basketball team. Boy were all of the players incredible and more incredible and even better incredibly today. 

05/21/18 01:05 AM #3630    


Jeff Chivers

"The older I get, the better I was!!!"

05/21/18 08:54 AM #3631    


Charlotte Warr (Andersen)

05/22/18 06:00 PM #3632    


Preston Miller

In reading Gail Miller's new book she mentioned a poem by Joseph Parry.

 New Friends and Old Friends 

Make new friends, but keep the old;
those are silver, these are gold.
New made friendships, like new wine,
age will mellow and refine.
Friendships that have stood the test
 time and change are surely best;
brow may wrinkle, or grow gray,
friendship never knows decay.
For 'mid old friends tried and true,
once more we our youth renew.
But old friends, alas may die,
new friends must their place supply.
Cherish friendship in your breast
new was good, but old is best;
make new friends, but keep the old;
those are silver, these are gold.

Perhaps that is the reason for this site!
You are good old friends to me.

05/23/18 04:53 AM #3633    

Paul Mickelson

Be True To Your SchooL


05/23/18 12:00 PM #3634    


Frank Milner

Thanks Pres!

Let's hear from some of you old Cubs that have not posted on this site!  I read it all of the time, hoping that their will be some old friends but it is always the same few who post to it.

Let's hear how you are doing!!!

Frank Milner

05/24/18 09:19 AM #3635    


Charlotte Warr (Andersen)

Senior citizens wish they were young.....

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