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05/29/20 03:56 PM #4126    


Preston Miller (Miller)

Thanks for  updating us on Joe Kingston's passing. If anyone else has passed let me know so i may update our "In Memory" list. 'Things are a...changing." Stay safe and enjoy the process.

05/29/20 07:28 PM #4127    


Darlene Webster (Joneson)

We fortunate that as we age, we've not had many fellow cubs pass on. None in two years is remarkable!

Good thing we don't have a category of joint replacementslaugh

Hoping to be at the 50th reunion!

05/30/20 01:51 AM #4128    


Jeff Chivers

Amen to the recent comments regarding our quest to keep this site inclusive and friendly.  I think we've gone 4 or 5 years now without religious or political banter.  That's a great tribute to our class - keeping content and comments focused on the common glue that has held us together these many years despite our differences.  Let's keep it that way.

Love you all!!

06/02/20 03:48 PM #4129    


Preston Miller (Miller)

I just sent out a notice to the entire class that the reunion committee have decided to postpone the 50 year reunion to 2021 in hopes of a safer reunion.  Please pass the word along to all our friends. Stay Safe and Sound. ON SOUTH HIGH!

06/02/20 06:44 PM #4130    


Paul Michelsen

Good Call. 

06/03/20 10:14 AM #4131    


Charlotte Warr (Andersen)


06/08/20 12:15 AM #4132    


Paul Michelsen



06/08/20 11:10 AM #4133    


Charlotte Warr (Andersen)

Here's one for those of you in need of haircuts.

06/12/20 05:06 PM #4134    


Charlotte Warr (Andersen)

06/13/20 06:10 PM #4135    


Brent Barnum

Very funny Charlotte and a lot of truth there.🤣🤓🤔

06/21/20 12:50 AM #4136    


Paul Michelsen



06/21/20 07:45 AM #4137    


Patty Wall (Woodland)

Kathy Bosen Derrick passed about 2 years ago. She had cancer.

06/21/20 12:39 PM #4138    


Charlotte Warr (Andersen)

So sorry to hear about Kathy.

Really great song, Paul!

06/21/20 12:40 PM #4139    


Charlotte Warr (Andersen)

06/21/20 03:15 PM #4140    


Koji Hiranishi/Sato


Happy Daddy's Day! 

06/24/20 04:29 PM #4141    


Paul Michelsen

06/27/20 07:39 PM #4142    


Neil Roberts

Hi all. I hope that everyone is happy and staying safe. We went back under Enhanced Community Quarantine the 15th of June in Cebu City. I live in I.T. Park and I think we've only had one or two cases here. Glad to see the 50th Reunion was postponed. There are no flights currently leaving Cebu and only special flights for returning overseas workers and their families coming in. We have been under a total lock down for about a week now because of the raising number of COVID19 cases across the city. The rains have returned and everything is green and beautiful outdoors. Miss you all, enjoy summer and please stay safe we can't afford to lose anymore Cubs.. 

06/28/20 11:03 AM #4143    


Gerd Eysser

Neil, thanks for the reminder of how beautiful the Philippines are.  Not sure how you cope with the heat and humidity.

06/28/20 04:42 PM #4144    


Neil Roberts

Hi Gerd.  I retired in 2016 from my position with the State of Alaska. I had been planning on moving to the Philippines for years before that as the cost of living is much cheaper than in Alaska and I needed a break from the cold weather.  I started my Social Security in January of 2017 and moved to Cebu the end of March that year. I was stationed several times in the Philippines during my many years in the Air Force and fell in love with the people, the culture and the country. The heat and humidity are certainly something that takes awhile to adjust to but my Condo is air conditioned and swimming in Ithe ocean is also a good way to cool off. We have a beautiful Olympic sized swimming pool at the Condos but because of the COVID19 scare all pubic pools are currently closed. I love Cebu City it is the second largest City in the Philippines and much nicer than Manila which is North of Cebu on Luzon Island. We have a much nicer, more modern and tourist friendly airport than Manila also. My wife died about 12 years ago and I moved to the Philippines with the intention of finding a new wife as men out number women by about 6 to one in Alaska . Honestly I am so crazy popular wth the local girls here that I haven't wanted to settle on just one yet.  Living in the Southern islands is ideal for me as I am a Master diver and this area offers some of the best and clearest waters any where on Earth. I am currently attempting to get a permanent resident visa here which is only $1,500 if you are a Veteran. Until then my Touist visa will have to do. I.T. Park is the Silicon Valley of the Philippines and is certainly one of the nicest suburbs of Cebu City. Many young extremely smart and  beautiful women work here at the various I.T. companies in the community which is also a nice benefit of living in this part of Cebu City. It is a long way from America that is true but everyone here speaks excellent English as it is the second national language and is taught in school from grade one on. If you're  ever in this part of Asia I would be happy to show you around. 

06/29/20 10:30 AM #4145    


Jeff Chivers

Great to hear from you Neil - details of your life and current situation.  Cebu sounds like a real interesting and beautiful place.  Appreciate your detailed description and pics.

It would be great to hear from other "Cubbies" living hither and thither throughout the country / world and letting us know how your doing and "holding-up" through the Covid situation where you live.

Hang in there . . . and ALL THE BEST TO EVERYONE !!!

06/29/20 03:05 PM #4146    


Charlotte Warr (Andersen)

06/29/20 03:08 PM #4147    


Charlotte Warr (Andersen)

07/05/20 12:51 PM #4148    


Charlotte Warr (Andersen)

I hope you all had the kind of Fourth that was enjoyable for you. I found my inner codger emerging as the night went on, the fireworks were excessive, and the smoke was making life unpleasant.

07/07/20 11:27 AM #4149    


Dale Charlie Salazar

I want to share a few momories of Bruce Petersen.  We met in 5th grade at Glendale and as I was back then I decided to try him on.  That was stupid. Later in high school we did some drinking together and had some fun.  In recent years I learned he is related to one of my Wife's Cousins and he had some nice things to say about me on Facebook.  He was always ready to laugh and if need be stand his ground.  He was always quite proud of his Scottish ancestory.  RIP Pedes

07/07/20 01:45 PM #4150    

Guy Norris

Well said Dale.
Bruce Petersen His celebration of Life
June 16 2020
Murray Park 296 E Murray Park Ave.
Pavillion # 5
Rest in Peace Bruce
On Facebook

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