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09/10/18 10:40 AM #3709    


Patty Wall (Woodland)

My heart is very sad to hear this!  Kathy and I were best friends in High School. I went away for college and my marrage took me to Idaho.  We exchanged Christmas correspondance until these last couple of years.  I wish I had known she was ill.  She had such beautiful blond hair.  Her kindness and cute giggle will always be in my heart.  Please let me know about funeral arrangements or a link to the mortuary.  Thank you for posting Colleen!

09/11/18 08:26 PM #3710    


Colleen Strand (Hansen)

Here is the link to the obituary for Kathy Bosen Derrick

09/12/18 11:22 AM #3711    


Patty Wall (Woodland)

Thanks Colleen.  I plan to go to the viewing tomorrow evening.

09/12/18 11:51 PM #3712    


Colleen Strand (Hansen)

Great! Hopefully we can connect for a bit at the willl be good to chat;)

09/16/18 12:53 PM #3713    


Charlotte Warr (Andersen)

09/17/18 06:20 PM #3714    


Charlotte Warr (Andersen)

A little late but...

09/21/18 04:13 PM #3715    

Paul Michelsen

I almost forgot...

09/22/18 11:59 AM #3716    


Charlotte Warr (Andersen)

And now the downer....

09/22/18 05:52 PM #3717    

Paul Michelsen

Something Like That...

09/23/18 11:05 AM #3718    


Charlotte Warr (Andersen)

09/26/18 03:26 PM #3719    

Paul Michelsen

I ran into Ryan Shupe at Yard Sale years ago in Cottonwood Heights. He had just finished recording Dream Big on CD. Where does time fly? It flys away. On South High.

Released September 26, 2005

10/11/18 10:51 PM #3720    


Gary Bell

Boy you know your getting old, when you got to go in for triple by pass surgery!!!       Garybroken heartnono''

10/12/18 10:39 AM #3721    


Richard H Blair

Gary Hope your feeling better

10/12/18 10:50 AM #3722    

Dale Charlie Salazar

Best of luck with that Gary.

10/12/18 11:29 AM #3723    


Carolyn Burnett (Taylor)


it's great to live in a world  with our technology and knowlege. 

Stay strong and take care,



10/12/18 12:50 PM #3724    


Preston Miller

Gary, The good news is.... you get to have the operation and your heart is still working and did not just stop.  We will all be pulling for you and a great recovery. Looking forward to your next post on our site.  God Bless

10/12/18 01:54 PM #3725    


Patty Wall (Woodland)

Gary, I hope that this turns into just a little bump in your life and that your recovery is quick.  I'll bet that ALL those grandkids are praying for you, and so am I!

10/12/18 10:35 PM #3726    


Randall Petersen

WOW Gary!

I thought having kidney surgery this summer was a big deal.  It was nothing compared to a triple bypass.

Best wishes on your recovery.

10/13/18 11:21 AM #3727    


Daniel Hayhurst

Gary, just hang in there and trust God to get you through this!  I had a heart attack last September followed by bypass surgery in Spokane.  I can’t say that I enjoyed it, but I’m fully recovered and loving life again.  Jesus truly is our Healer and you will conquer this if you just roll your cares over on Him.  πŸ‘


10/14/18 10:59 AM #3728    


Colleen Strand (Hansen)

So sorry to hear so many cubby’s are having health issues! It certainly is a challenging time in our lives as we “embrace” old age. Please take care and hug your loved ones every day. I am hoping to see your smiling faces at an upcoming reunion and NOT on the other side 😜

10/15/18 04:18 PM #3729    


Brent Barnum

Thanks Colleen.
BTW,if anyone needs a good oral surgeon in their old age,Colleen's son,Preston Hansen,is very good and I gave been around a lot of dentists. Just saying...

10/15/18 09:46 PM #3730    


Charlotte Warr (Andersen)

10/16/18 11:24 AM #3731    


Preston Miller

Preston Hansen is my neighbor.  Take a bow Colleen Strand Hansen he is a pay day to you.   By the way I was reviewing statistics this morning there are 79 separate people on our site  in the last 30 days 40 of those people were on in the last seven days. It is fun to see who is looking at our site. Names of people  you would all love.   It’s fun to grow old with all of you. Thanks for your goodness. 

10/16/18 04:48 PM #3732    


Colleen Strand (Hansen)

Thanks for your kind words, Brent and Pres, and I’m sure my son appreciates them too! He is still trying to build his practice and “word of mouth” advertising is the bestπŸ€—

10/17/18 10:28 AM #3733    

Dale Charlie Salazar

Way to go Colleen.  We always hope our children do better than us and its good to hear of a kid from Glendale raising a son to become a doctor.  Its even better to hear good things about them from people who know them.  Hats off to you and Hansen.

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